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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Mp3

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Taylor Swift Shake It Off Mp3 Download


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Just Taylor Swift captured with her new single “shake it off” the charts. The song is it that just talk the people to leave, and to shake off negative criticism. But Taylor Swift sings about this method not only know to practice it.

So far, Taylor Swift for her signature tune was known. For their new album “1989”, which will appear in October, however, the successful singer announces a change: to the songs of the new record should fall significantly poppiger. Taylor Swift gave a taste of the sound of “1989” already with their first single release “shake it off”.

Before any critics of her new songs Taylor Swift not frightened but. In the song “shake it off” she sings: “the player will play […] and the haters will hate […], but I will just shake it off.” For Taylor Swift, these words are not only a line of text of their new songs, but her personal recipe for success.

In the television show “Good Morning America” Taylor Swift revealed that she live by the maxim of their songs: “people always something on you To find and turn it so it’s somewhat strange, wrong, annoying, oddball or bad. One should not just live his life even though there are such people, but you have more fun than you.” In particular the friends of Taylor Swift help you keep this positive life attitude: “you want to surround yourself with intelligent, exciting people – I think that’s what really brings one to the top!”

Taylor Swift turn from their highly acclaimed tune on her new album and tried on more songs. But she do not fear the voices of critics. She didn’t need. Finally comes the first single release “shake it off” at their fans really well. And once critical tones should be louder, Taylor Swift simply shakes off the criticism.

It will surprise no one, certainly, that Taylor Swift with her new song “shake it off” has reached the top position of the United States. Although the singer is accustomed to success, she was glad Very much about the message.

To thank their fans for their support, she published a few outtakes, incurred during the filming for her recent music video.

In this clip are the scenes with the cheerleaders in the foreground. Although Tay probably will embark on a second career in this area, she do their thing really well and even if not everything works out, she has lots of fun, what ensures that we have totally A lot fun on the scenes!

With 544.000 units sold, the song lay down the most successful first week of sales in the year 2014. Overall he is at number 4 in the list – behind “we are never ever getting back together”, with the number 2 Taylor Swift could secure.